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Available for pre-order on amazon. Written by legendary thriller author James Patterson and his wife Susan, this follow-up to their best-selling first book Big Words for Little Geniuses takes kids on an animal journey that leaves the cows, chickens and sheep in the barnyard. From swimmers to flyers and beyond, kids will discover the sloth, the wombat, the tarsier and much more.

Charming illustrations from Hsingping Pan complete the equation, making this book a must-have bookshelf addition. Available on amazon. He makes a mess of grandma's house, trying to dress like those lovely ladies he saw And what does she think of a little boy who wants to dress like a woman? The answer is beautiful in picture and in message: love is love.

Acceptance is what is normal. A powerful message in a gorgeous package. For anyone who wants to raise a woke kid, and maybe influence a few family members to do the same!

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Buy it now here. Anna Dewdney may no longer be with us, but her spirit lives on. Fans will be overjoyed to learn that her first posthumous book, Llama Llama Loves to Read was released in May The book features all of the beloved rhymes and storytelling you've come to know and love from the Llama Llama series. Follow along as Llama Llama goes to school and learns to read. Your kids will be inspired to learn their ABCs and open this book time and again. Elmore by Holly Hobbie is an endearing read with beautiful illustrations. Elmore, a porcupine, is lonely and is in search of new friends.

But, all his potential friends are deterred by Elmore's spikes.


Find out how the creative and kind Elmore seeks out companionship in his community of forest critters. Pat Zietlow Miller's thoughtful book explores the question: What does it mean to be kind? Through the story of Tanisha spilling grape juice on a classmate at school, this story explores how simple words and small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the world.

Follow along as Jim, the chimpanzee, is in a no-good, grumpy mood. All of his friends tell Jim to cheer up and just be happy, but the fact is: Jim just feels grumpy. Find out what happens to Jim, the grumpy monkey and how he sorts through his feelings. This book teaches kids what makes different animals unique and what they have in common. Diane Lang writes the story in rhyming verse with facts alongside beautiful illustrations that will lead young readers to want to learn more about the creatures around us.

As Annie prepares for career day at her school, she talks to her family about their hopes for her future as she plans her future career as an astronaut. Pearl is trying to build the perfect sandcastle, but she is not having any luck with fellow beach-goers ruining her efforts.

25 Top Chapter Books to Read With Your Child at Bedtime​

That's when Pearl turns to a robot named Pascal to teach her computer coding concepts to build a foolproof sand castle. Islandborn Lola is an immigrant who enlists the help of family and friends to learn about the country she came from and the culture she left behind.

With a read-along-breathe-along element, this illustrated story provides prompts to inspire conversation between parent and child of how they feel. Miles and Fargo are two turtles who usually spend their days arguing in the aquarium on a New York high rise apartment. But one day they see a little girl's violin being stolen outside their window. These two turtles must put aside their differences in order to solve the crime and bring the thief to justice. Who Am I? And letting others be who they choose is, too. Also included are Discussion Questions for parents, caregivers and educators, and extra tips on how to reduce gender stereotyping.

The author-illustrator of Armstrong and Lindbergh has done it again Edison, an epic novella of the prettiest kind. Young mouse Pete stumbles upon an old diary which tells of a missing treasure, and Pete embarks on an amazing journey all the way to the bottom of the sea to find the treasure. Inspired by Thomas Edison, the book includes an about-Edison fact page. This book is not to be missed. A curious little girl named Lily Huckleberry finds herself in possession of a magic globe and is inducted into a secret adventure society. She heads to Scandinavia for a Midsummer party and is immersed in a strawberry mystery as she travels around Denmark, Norway and Sweden trying to solve it.

Fans of Moomin will appreciate the rich artwork and Nordic aesthetic. All parents will appreciate the message: bravery and creativity for the win!

He always gets picked last for games and feels left out. But soon he meets a bee who teaches him that being who you are is the best thing in the world. The book is full of a positivity in a way that kids can totally relate to and parents will feel good about reading. The perfect antidote to an anxious day. Ages: Shop it now. When she was growing up in the s, Raye decided to become an engineer. The latest in the Destroy This Book series is a totally interactive workbook that really does invite kids to tear it apart: pop-out models, step-by-step science experiments and lessons in everything from the theory of relativity to optical illusion to the discovery of radium includes making a mini Marie Curie!

The black and white pages also call for a creative side: kids can color to their heart's content while learning tons of useful facts.

Endless hours of entertainment, but don't be surprised when your kid starts correcting his teacher. Sure to foster a sense of adventure and perseverance in anyone reading, this is definitely a must-read. Get them in on the cooking process!

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From snacks Life Boats , to sandwiches Leprechaun Tracks to yummy drinks Tickled Pink the kids will find easy-to-follow recipes that will get them exciting about food. If you like the kind of book that makes you want to literally dive into its pages, this is the book for you. Includes a coral-reef glossary and ways kids can help.

Get ready to learn all about one of the hardest-working creatures out there: the honeybee. Discover how much bees matter, why they're declining, and what everyone can do to help the bee population. This story is the first in a new mystery series for young readers. Narwhal and Jelly are back together, and Narwhal is obsessed with peanut butter.

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In fact, he's so in love with peanut butter that he's ready to change his name. Jelly tries to talk him out of this idea in this fun book about accepting who we are with two of the newest lovable literary pals. Got a marine biologist in your midst? This book explores everything from sea dragons to the life cycle of salmon to the anatomy of a coral polyp, all with pictures that help kids visualize the beauty, mystery and diversity of ocean life.

Max's mom has surprised him with some big news: they're going on a road trip! But this is one of the first family trips they'll be heading on without Dad, and not only that, they're going to a family reunion to meet people Max has barely even heard of. Linda Urban artfully navigates the world and mind of a kid whose parents are divorced, with the distinct ability to look at it from the child's point of view.

Not only that, but her clever storytelling, accompanied by occasional illustrations from Katie Kath make this book a pleasure to read. Whether you're looking for something to help relate with your child after divorce, or you just want a good bedtime story, this book is one of the best of the year, competing only with Weekends with Max and His Dad , Urban's other book.