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Dog Wick

The author totally surprised me this time. I never saw it coming, when trying to detect for myself who the culprit was. This time, a young woman who had been sexually abused as a child, seeking help in counseling, accuses her therapist of stepping over the line, and then suddenly she is found dead. Supposedly a self-induced death. Of course that is not the case, but the path to finding why and who did cause her death was really interesting, and definitely told from a different point of view. Nov 18, Julia rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery.

I liked this one better than the 2nd book in the series, Dead and Doggone.

Brute strength: a dog lover's mystery

The mystery was more cohesive this time around. I was bothered at the end of the book when Holly accepts some baked goods from the people she suspects are poisoners. Why would she do that? Other than that moment, I enjoyed the book. Feb 28, Gail Barrett rated it it was amazing.

Conant, Susan |

I love this series. The mysteries are always clever, the details of life in Cambridge dead-on accurate.

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I especially love the characters -- the dog obsessed heroine, her wolf-dog breeding father, the cop who lives with his mother, and the hunky veterinarian boyfriend, not to mention the funny assortment of Cambridge residents and other dog training enthusiasts. These books are always entertaining, and this installment in the series doesn't disappoint.

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Dec 16, Kathy rated it it was ok. The 3rd in the series, and I am quickly learning that I can't stand the main character, Holly Winter. If you are not a dog person, you simply don't exist to her, and if you are a dog person but don't own a Malamute, you are far down on the dog chain.

The plots of the books aren't bad, if only the mysteries could be solved without her. Mar 18, Jen rated it it was amazing. Growing up with a grandmother who devoured every "The Cat Who The author does not disappoint. The books are witty, informational, and quick-reads, without being too predictable.

Susan Conant

Shelves: mystery. This woman is not a great writer - her plots are weak and characters undeveloped, but it is fun to learn more about dogs and dog shows. I had never heard of a Rhodesian Ridgeback and now I recognize one in my neighborhood. Sep 11, Virginia rated it it was ok Shelves: books. It was a really busy month, which means it's time for I liked this at the time, but entering these reviews in , I do not remember one iota of any of the plot.

Good brainless reading. Oct 20, Ellen rated it it was ok. A bit too cozy for my taste, not an engrossing story despite a good premise: a malamute may be a key witness to the death of a therapist.

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  7. Jul 15, Janet C. It was ok. Oct 18, Karen-Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: cosy-mysteries. One thing about reading a book published in is how attitudes to things have changed so radically over time. Caitlin Jenner vs Joel. Aug 19, William Freeman rated it it was ok. Poorly written to to doggy can't recommend. Jan 04, Pat rated it liked it Shelves: mystery.

    Two people are poisoned. Holly figures out that a man is really a woman. Dogs may be allergic to chocolate. Jul 10, Probibliophile rated it it was amazing. My favorite Conant dog mystery! The plotting is intricate and unexpected and the dogs are wonderful as always. Dec 27, Vicky rated it really liked it. A cozy mystery based on Holly Winter… who is a magazine writer who gets involved in mysteries and has her malamutes with her…. Juliet Glaser rated it it was amazing Feb 18, Vernon Stokes and of special interest to sporting dog fanciers. Croxton Smith, the British breeder, judge, kennel club official, and prolific author: Tail Waggers adds portrait-calibre photography to a compendium of facts on 48 breeds and general care and handling, plus thoughtful, brief chapters on such topics as the virtues of dogs; his comprehensive Everyman's Book of the Dog is a guide to more than 60 breeds, with wonderful period photos of champions.

    Rogers, is an academic's examination of the bond between canines and people, from its origins to the start of the 21st century, and covers such topics as "Dogs Used as Surrogates for Humans" and "Dogs as Equals". Read's The Norfolk Terrier is an invaluable resource. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian. How Artists See Jr. Dogs covers canine depictions from ancient times to the 20th century. Poultney's novel My Dog Pompey, with numerous illustrations by the author.

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    Barker's narrative and art bring Bellman: The Story of a Beagle to life in the reissue that Jones cites as "an enlarged photographic reproduction of the edition". Gone to the Dogs. When a local vet and a pampered pet disappear, Holly Winter and her veterinarian lover Steve Delaney go to the exclusive Cambridge Dog Training Club to investigate. But a hot tip on a malamute pup suddenly has Holly charging to the rescue and panting to put the owner out of business.

    When Holly links the killing with the disappearance of another malamute — an adorable live wire named Missy — she digs up startling evidence that soon leads her into the fiercely competitive and deadly underworld of dog breeding. A place where her biggest fears are realized. And where her animal instincts are all that can save her. Share: Share on Facebook. Other Series By Susan Conant. About Susan Conant.