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These women gave birth to offspring called Nephilim, cannibal giants who were seen as half-human and half-angel. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

What Are Fallen Angels?

An artist's depiction of a female fallen being embraced by a mortal man over the waves. An artist's depiction of a fallen Lucifer clinging to a mountain. I will not worship an inferior and younger being. I am his senior in the Creation, before he was made was I already made.

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It is his duty to worship me. And Michael saith, 'Worship the image of God, but if thou wilt not worship him, the Lord God will be wroth with thee.

Vita Adae et Evae, 13— Obedience to God There is a Sufi version of the story that states that Lucifer was the angel who loved God the most. At the time of the angels' creation, God told them to bow to no one but Him. However, God created mankind, whom he considered superior to the angels, and commanded the angels to bow before the new figure. Lucifer refused, partly because he could not forget the first commandment, but also because he would bow to his beloved God only.

The other angels saw Lucifer as insubordinate, and expelled him from Heaven. Those who believe in this version do not consider Lucifer or the fallen angels to be demons, since they did not rebel against God by refusing his mandate, but rather believed that creatures should bow before only God, and no one else. Some people believe that the Seraphim Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan and Satan were the only Fallen Angels, and those who believed and joined their cause became the first demons.

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Fallen angels by rank Some of the fallen were supposedly members of more than one rank, but this list will only list the primary rank, or the rank that is most well-known, of each apostate angel. For more information, see the articles of the various entities. First Sphere. They are listed alphabetically, not in order of importance.

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Abbadona once of the order of seraphim 2. Adramelec [Archangels] 3. Agares Agreas [Virtues] 4. Amezyarak Amiziras; also alternate for Semyaza 5. Amy one partly of the order of powers and partly of the order of angels 6.

Anmael identified with Semyaza 7. Arakiel Araqiel 8. Araziel 9. Ariel once of the order of virtues Arioc h [Arioch] Armaros Abaros, Armers, Pharmaros Armen Artaqifa Arakiba Asbeel Asmoday Asmodeus Sammael [once of the order of seraphim] Astaroth once of the order of seraphim and of thrones [Angels] Astoreth Astarte [Angels] Atarculph [Atarculphegh?

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Auza Oza Azaradel Azazel once of the order of cherubim Azza Azzael Asael Balam once of the order of dominations Baraqel Barakel, Baraqijal Barbatos once of the order of virtues Barbiel once of the order of virtues Batarjal Beelzebub once of the order of cherubim Beliar Belial [once partly of the order of virtues and partly of the order of angels] Busasejal Byleth Beleth [once of the order of powers Balberith once of the order of cherubim Caim Caym [once of the order of angels] Carnivean once of the order of powers Carreau once of the order of powers Dagon [Archangels] Danjal Ezekeel Ezequeel Flauros Hauras Gaap once of the order of potentates [Powers] Gadreel Gressil once of the order of thrones Hakael Hananel Ananel Harut Persian Ielahih once of the order of virtues Invart once of the order of angels Jeqon Jetrel Kasdeja Lauiah Lauviah once partly of the order of thrones and partly of the order of cherubim Leviathan once of the order of seraphim Lucifer often, but erroneously, identified as Satan Mammon [Thrones] Marchosias once of the order of dominations Marut Persian Mephistopheles [Archangel] The first describes a group of angels who, lead by Azazel, lusted after the women of earth.

They defiled themselves by mating with humans and their consorts gave birth to mean-spirited giants. God was not pleased with the rebellion and punished them for their misdeeds, but not before humanity was corrupted in the process.

Fallen angel

This tale is introduced in Genesis and elaborated on in the Book of Enoch, part of the Jewish Pseudepigrapha which is a collection of works not found in the bible. The other story involves the mightiest angel who, out of pride, rebelled against God during the time of Creation.

This mighty angel Lucifer sought to overthrow God, but he failed and was cast out of heaven to become Satan, the adversary. Then, out of contempt for mankind, he lead Adam and Eve to sin. In addition to these accounts, there is another account of the Satan who directly opposed God, but was never fully explained. As mentioned in the Watchers description, there are two potential biblical passages that refer to the first account of the fallen angel myth — Genesis and Psalm , To summarize, Gen 6 explains that the angels married women, but does not explicitly condemn this while Psalm 82 mentions that the angels sinned, but does not mention that the cause of their sin was that they married mortal women.

There is no biblical evidence to support any connection between the two passages.