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Yes, it is still running. Newbie Offline Activity: 8 Merit: 0. Hello Admin, We are glad to hear that your ICO coin has a victorious end so we greet you into our coinexmarket Exchange. We have got 1.

No one has ever given these features in the Crypto World. Member Offline Activity: Merit: Bonkers is a future gaming platform, combining the world of cryptocurrency with online games. Interesting and cool projects, incredible types of gaming platforms I'm sure this project will work.

Going Bonkers? Issue 21

Thank you everyone for your kind feedback! So don't miss out your chance to go bonkers with us! Hi guys! The project looks impressive, this direction at the moment is one of the most popular. Where are you based? A very strong company. I'm glad I got here.

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I liked the idea of the project very much. I would like to know in more detail how the regulation will be carried out and to which countries it is primarily oriented Quote from: vkolotun on April 11, , AM. Quote from: Jocolyn on April 11, , AM. Full Member Offline Activity: Merit: Interesting project from the German team, I will watch. The truth, unfortunately, has not yet seen a single working game token.

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Welcome, Guest. Read times. Since this game is the highest bandwidth thing i do on this line i cant really compare it to other things. I do notice that when i dl music from Itunes music store i get an incremental step lag, but i didnt know if that was the app, apple, or me. Any help would be appreciated.

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Thank you Very much. The reason that you cannot ping with bytes is pretty simple actually.

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  • The max packet size without fragmenting is bytes. Since there is 28 bytes of overhead, that means the largest payload you can use is Thank you for pointing that out to me Does everything else look ok, or should i call comcast again, call motorola about the surfboard i own it , the lag is driving me bonkers Thank you again for your response.

    Everything that you posted looks great.

    Going Bonkers? Issue 21

    I don't see any symptoms what so ever. Unless you can somehow document the lag in games, I don't think there is much you can do. One thing you could try is once you notice lag in a game, run a ping and traceroute test real quick. May want to check your signal levels again while your at it.

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    I ran it while the game was laggy, the first two times it said that it couldnt find said host, the 3rd time it found it with relatively decent success. Please check the name and try a gain. Does it matter that i dont have a QAS number? Also i found it odd that i couldnt find the host until the 3rd try, or maybe thats normal? Any thoughts? Thanks For All The Help. I just ran it again.. TCP packets around? Im not sure wether is the cable modem something outside of my element that i have no control over.

    Maybe line noise? With times like those i have no clue how im laging on anything There are people here that would kill for those avg. Maybe the server is the culprit. Is this a popular game I am not a gamer in any way?