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But anyone wanting to know more about the man will be disappointed. Cooking with lentils really is very easy and tasty not to mention economical , it's a mystery why they aren't more popular. How to broaden the understanding of injustice by adding cultural and political insult to economic injury.


If he truly cared for Neason, he would have dated him before the accident, not ignore him until Neason was a broken man who would have no choice but to turn to him. More than a memoir, "Living Scared" is a hard hitting expose' that probes complacent behavior, incompetence and widespread corruption in medicine. I can perceive a successful effort on his part in order to clearly explain something as abstract as music. Fortunately, evidence wins out and human population is on the path to shrinking soon thank you, capitalism and CO2 emisisons are on the path to falling soon thank you, capitalism.

A hundred years from now, nobody or no robot will care about any of this. To counter such force, a political push-back is needed to right the Ship of State. The advocacy position to inquire went to government and academic employers of named skeptical scientists. Frankly, this political inquisition made me an alarmist!

Get PDF InnovateUs September 2013 Issue (InnovateUs Magazine Book 4)

The push-back by political entities is needed, somewhat like changing rudder direction to eventually alter the course of the Ship of State. Navigating a future course hopefully will change the impact of the hot wind direction and speed. Some prophets say the world will end in fire-as factory carbon dioxide fills the atmosphere, swathing the globe in a greenhouse mantle.

Some say it is lee that suf.

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So little is about this, however, that the Council was undecided whether it might emerge as a man-made ice age or — just the opposite effect — a melting of the polar ice caps and flooding of large land areas. Suppose the question is whether we need to urge people to be immunized against X. If in fact there is no need for the public to be immunized then it would seem that the problem does not concern the interface between science and policy but rather the problem is within science. Unless we are saying that public policy is no longer justified in assuming that science and not politics drives scientific conclusions.

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Ironically, this can sometimes be done by suppressing genuine uncertainties, which block the route to consensus and common action. In their place fantasy uncertainties may be substituted, which are so extreme as to demand consensus and immediate action, and yet also so wide as to promote the kind of constant worry and speculation via which co-evolving memes in the overall narrative can enjoy enormous replication rates.

This happens in many domains not just the current one of environment and CAGW, and has happened throughout history religions also do this. The underlying mechanisms are simple and elegant, relying on the fact of basics like emotional bias and the differential selection of narratives replicative power is rewarded more than veracity. There has to be sufficient uncertainty in the first place to kick the process off and start the evolution of the perceptions of particular uncertainties. Of course as noted within this essay, money and over-lapping motivations and activist politics etc will all align to and amplify a successful memeplex, but they are not a root explanation regarding the social mechanisms, rather, this is how such things are fueled.

The same language problem and convention occurs in biology, e.

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Not immune, but highly resistant to. Flat fact tends to short-circuit the doubts, fears, hopes etc. But scientists are humans like anyone else, and just as subject to highly coherent narratives that evolve over many narrative generations to target our psychological hot-buttons. Religious memeplexes have frequently gotten in the way of scientific endeavor, and one could hardly say these are a thing of the past, considering the current level of religious belief still.

Secular memeplexes can also resist or even hi-jack science. Presumably it would not be the scientific findings themselves but rather the conclusions or generalizations drawn from them?

131. Omega

Do you think that a memeplex can infect the findings themselves in a situation in which all the appropriate scientific procedures were in place? I remember that day. Several panicked people jumped from their office windows. They intended for it to be to their deaths, but most buildings in South Dakota are one story. Many felt silly when the EMTs informed they 10, years was a long time. Summer insolation at 65N appears to be headed higher for most of the next , years and not reach the low levels which started the last glacial for another , years!

So those in panic state about the Arctic will have to fight Mother Nature for a l-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-g-g-g time:. I should like to point out that models or their outputs are not evidence. Models produce predictions that are either accurate when compared with measured data, or not accurate.

In engineering, we call these tools simulators, and the outputs simulations. Referring to a model or simulator as evidence confers status that it does not own. I have used many modelling tools, and very few of them are good, although a few are excellent- within certain defined limits. Certainly, we never accept the output without some verification of the Real World via measurement, of course, we are not climate scientists…. Danny — I do not trust people like you to make decisions.

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His reason? He did not trust radar. Decision making under deep uncertainty or some such no-action jackson bullcrap. After that night they handed the right to shoot to the young studs on the destroyers, and shoot they did. Money out the kazoo. HIndsight is a wonderful thing. Danny, you have misplaced your trust. You should not trust unreliable thermometers or satellite observations; you should trust reliable models and an always reliable Al Gore. I was. I have a strong memory of being a kid sitting with my best friend in his back yard talking about the coming ice age.

It seemed pretty scary to us at the time. The fact that it never came played an important part though by no means the only part in making me suspicious of the both the press and scientists. Wonder how many times JCH has stuck his hand in a burning flame? We really need a GCRN including oceanic buoys to have high confidence in assessing global surface temperature anomalies, and that would take many decades to implement and even longer to generate a year climate baseline — if there was even an effort to do so of which I am not aware.

As far as historical measurements, my experience in working with temperature measurements and forecasts for decades leads me to believe using our historical surface temperature measurements to estimate global surface temperature anomalies is fraught with many pitfalls. I believe the GHCN based estimates of global temperature anomalies do not have enough accuracy to clearly and confidently resolve trends in the historical data set for the temperature anomaly ranges that have occurred so far.

At best, they provide only a somewhat uncertain hint at possible trends over periods of many decades to a century or more. Most of the year-to-year variation is easily in the noise range. BTW, I thought you did a great job in testifying to Congress.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sponsoring this forum. Say Person B tells you a similar story, except in this case the first player ends up with all the spades, the second player with all the hearts, third player with all the clubs, last player obviously with all the diamonds. But then the interesting question is how do we arrive at plausibility assessments sufficiently aligned with reality to get us safely through the day?

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I have attempted to quantify the relative contributions of each and estimate confidence limits. I would appreciate your readers critically reviewing my efforts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up!

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