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Park edges are designed to embrace rising waters and to relieve over-burdened storm-water systems. Festoon lighting hangs above classic wood picnic tables creating a backyard bbq feel. All of these components are wrapped in a thick green edge of meadow plantings and native grasses, River Birch and Dawn Redwood trees. The planted edge also acts as a stormwater collection garden, keeping all water on site.

A meandering custom cedar and blue construction fabric fence with integrated lighting artfully cradle the project from neighboring construction that will be taking place in the district. Ten Thousand Suns is a summer-long botanical performance started in the Summer of in which over 10, sunflower seeds were planted and nurtured over the course of the summer months on land that until recently sat under a highway, with high compaction, low-organic material, and embedded with toxicity.


A component that is sometimes not considered above mere beautification, but can provide both economic and ecological benefits necessary to the health of a growing city, and most often, at fractions of the cost of large scale building development. In the spring of , while a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design RISD I watched and heard from my studio window the final demolition of the I highway that bisected the city through the heart of the jewelry district.

Though I was a fairly new resident to Providence the removal of this large piece of abandoned and foreboding infrastructure it remained a great spot for a beer s and setting off of fireworks I should mention immediately left a spatial impact on that section of the Providence Riverfront.

Access to the water, both physically and visually was easily available as one approached from the east side, also opening clear views to downtown and the Jewelry District.

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In the years following I walked by two particular parcels created by the removed highway, now in the direction of the I District Commission, nearly everyday, and like many other spatially driven people wondered about the fate of this no doubt valuable open space. I began to explore some of the underutilized riverfront and initiated an experiment in the summer of , and a seemingly simple one at that. Would the periodic visit of maintenance crews embrace the guerrilla grown seedlings? If they were to survive long enough to bloom, would passer-bys allow them to remain, or would they be quickly plucked from the ground?

In the end, of the thousand planted, only four or five survived to bloom. But the botanical experiment planted the seed for a bigger idea, that of planting 10, sunflowers in this vacant land with the city skyline as its background, creating an iconic image for the city, and stirring possibilities of the transformative capabilities of landscape.

The sunflower is an incredible plant. And, it is a phytoremediator, having the capability of sucking toxins out of the ground. Reflecting back on two seasons of the project The visible transformation of the land has been remarkable. Most noticeable by the hundreds of people it draws during the bloom on a weekend afternoon, visiting to capture a family photo, or simply to experience the magical moment of seeing the setting sun behind the city skyline amongst a sea of sunflowers.

Less noticeable is the ecological transformation, as the sunflowers work to clean toxins present in the soil on site, they also bring a variety of bee species by the thousands, ground plovers who have found refuge in the protection of the sunflower stalks, and feeding frenzy for a variety of bird species when the seeds appear. It is clear people from all around the state are attracted to the striking bloom, demonstrated by a Instagram search of suns.

However, I have received many notes and letters from people who have expressed the impact this simple field has had on their lives that I could not have anticipated, and certainly did not plan for. A woman visiting with her mother with severe dementia, told me the story of how the sunflowers somehow sparked a moment of clarity in her mother. You held sunflowers in your wedding! Another woman, a victim of a hit and run accident the year before, used the growing sunflower field as her inspirational location for walking rehabilitation.

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Through many interactions with people in the field I believe it has at least cultivated a greater understanding of landscape initiatives and increased the likelihood that landscape architects will have share a place at the table when further urban development in Providence is planned. Adam E.

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Anderson, but made possible by a team of volunteer artists, architects, students, friends, neighbors, and passer-byers. Permission and funding was granted by the I District Commission and through crowdsourcing. Sunflower Project Taking Root on Land. Sunflower Project on Riverfront. What a wonderful gift to all of us. Makes me smile. The Mainstage Theatre at Salem State University is a renovation of their existing theatre both internally and externally.

The landscape concept was to bring the energy of performances into the public realm with the creation of an outdoor stage, amphitheater seating, and a spill out plaza from interior performances. Accessibility issues were addressed with a sloped vegetated walkway and backlit perforated screen that ties the landscape back to the building. Seamlessly integrated into the life of the hospital, the landscape design nurtures the well-being of patients, family, visitors, and staff using ecological devices composed in an artful way.

The healing nature of water becomes the connective thread throughout the landscape, continuously moving and transforming. Native plantings rich in the colors, textures, and fragrances embed the uniqueness of the local flora, creating a home away from home.

These plantings, arranged in accompaniment to a diverse variety of meandering paths and topography unveil a range of spatial experiences to accommodate every level of the healing process. Collectively, these not only reveal a beautiful experiential landscape, but one that functions as an ecological machine by cleaning water, cooling spaces, and reducing energy consumption of the building.

At the center of the hospital is the Green Heart Garden, a lushly planted green space easily accessible from the hospital. The healing plaza, an artful and smoothly paved pedestrian area surrounds the green heart garden, and provides patients and staff an accessible space to enjoy the outdoors, with wonderful views down to the central waterfall. This paved area also seamlessly accommodates necessary fire staging dimensions. The riverwalk is a carefully sculpted riverfront promenade which acts the main pedestrian spine in and beyond the hospital site.

Following the main riverway, all other pedestrian paths connect and diverge, establishing a easily navigable walking network. The rejuvenation garden is meandering garden walk robustly planted with fruiting and flowering trees, shrubs, and groundcovers meant to distract and stimulate the senses. The lawn and stone path is green and soft on the feet, and a continuously curving sculptural bench provides ample seating and lighting along the way.

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A variety of regional birds and butterflies will be attracted to the native flora, and provide an additional layer of sensorial delight. The inpatient garden directly adjacent to the inpatient tower is designed to create two widely different outdoor opportunities to engage with nature. The first is a vibrant vegetable garden and orchard, which feels more like a neighboring village than a hospital.

Here patients can practise therapeutic gardening activities and enjoy the beauty of the developing garden.

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There have been a number of items that have been high on the agenda at Fruit Logistica this year, including sustainability, health and innovation. Today we visited Original Unverpackt in Berlin to check out a small store that is driving prices down by selling 'unpacked shopping'. This is a fascinating concept as it allows people to fill paper bags and jars with food, cosmetics, washing powder and all sorts of other products. How do you manage cashflow in a business and ensure that at all times you have jobs of differing sizes to serve different purposes?

This is a constant battle within any business and the solution is never straightforward. Sarah has just started her Business Administration apprenticeship with us here at Pink Sky. We decided to ask her a few questions so that you could get to know her. We are looking forward to seeing how Sarah gets on during her first few weeks here at Pink Sky!

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Here at Pink Sky we have a tradition of designing crazy christmas cards. However this year we thought we would keep it simple.

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It was an enormous privilege to finally visit Five Valleys Counselling Practice, whom we created a brand and built a website for a couple of years ago as they started. We are extremely proud of Grace, who has completed her advanced apprenticeship in marketing and been offered a full time role here at Pink Sky. This year Naomi has been working on her 10k running distance to try to improve her base fitness and also in an attempt to fight asthma by training her lungs to work harder in the first few kilometres, which can be very difficult to run through.

Our fruit adventurers have had a very busy weekend promoting the British apple and pear season, which is now in full swing. We have recently welcomed Ali Mayes to our team, as our book keeper. Ali is a really valuable part of Pink Sky and we thought we would ask her a few questions so you could get to know her. When we heard she was talking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival we just had to check it out and we were not disappointed - what an inspirational lady! Pink Sky are very familiar with conducting market research for a variety of our clients, but we have recently be very proud to complete our first ever mystery shopping report.

We were lucky to have Monks Farm near Faversham in Kent to host the event. Our team at Pink Sky have just come back from Carfest South, where we were selling and sampling fantastic pineapples, bananas and British strawberries. For the first time ever we also had two smoothie bikes. For a donation to charity visitors could select what fruit they wanted in their smoothie, but they had to work for it! On Friday we were very lucky to promote and visit the farm where pink gooseberries are grown. The next morning we boarded a minivan to travel to the province of Kanchanaburi.

The next morning we were bound for Amphawa, the home of the famous Thai floating markets.