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Status: Accept 70 Star Randomizer Cheese, myself, and Puncayshun would love to do a 70 star randomizer race. Status: Accept 70 Star Randomizer Race This iconic playstation RPG classic brings an entirely different strategy set by optimizing VIII's exclusive GF junction system, card mod ability, magic refinery, and frame based RNG tracking to defeat some of the series' most memorable bosses. Also I will do a blindfolded menu twice as long as last year.

This is a coop run with Muttski, Tojju. Accepting as a 3-person co-op relay between Luzbelheim, Muttski, and Tojju. And come on This is a coop run with Muttski, Tojju, and Luzbelheim. This iconic Playstation RPG classic brings an entirely different strategy set by optimizing 8's exclusive GF junction system, card mod ability, magic refinery, and frame based RNG tracking to defeat some of the series' most memorable bosses.

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Coop run with Muttski, Tojju, and Luzbelheim. Linked video is a marathon showing we did in With all the new enemies, objects, styles, and the introduction of a brand new game 3D World , Mario Maker 2 is the perfect game to continue the consistently successful blind level races! We will show off the creativity of the SMM2 level making community and skill of the racers in a 4v4 team relay race. Status: Accept Relay Race Status: Accept 4v4 Blind Relay Race With all the new enemies, objects, styles and introduction of a brand new game 3D World , Mario Maker 2 is the perfect game to continue the consistently successful blind level races!

Status: Accept 4v4 Relay Race This run is very exciting to watch for both fans of the Touhou Franchise, and for non-fans alike. The RBO or reverse boss order category involves the best, hardest, and coolest tech in the game. While there are some RNG elements, it is still based in tech, because of this it is always possible for a runner to catch up. Race with Remlerelyk A fangame of the Touhou franchise, Touhou Luna Nights is an action exploration game with a unique combat system and time manipulation mechanic.

The RBO category features highly optimized boss fights and stage routing. In addition the category showcases a variety of out of bounds sequence breaks making the run fun to watch regardless of familiarity with the game. Status: Accept Reverse Boss Order Vectronom is a graphically simplistic, colorful rhythm platformer, where every aspect of the stage changes with the beat across a variety of tempos and time signatures. Status: Backup All Pickups And Actor Unloading, where you corrupt the memory of The Wind Waker, allowing you to skip cutscenes, get items early, as well as finally performing one of the biggest sequence breaks, Barrier Skip, on the Gamecube Version.

Squidlit is a game designed to mimic the nostalgia of classic Game Boy titles. The graphics, soundtrack, and mechanics are reminiscent of Game Boy era platformers such as Kirby's Dream Land, and the speedrun is similar to them. The most exciting part of the run by far is at the very end. There are tons of viable strats for the final boss battle, and preparation for it begins long before it, as you decide how much health you want to have going into it. Status: Accept All Bosses The Tron Franchise became very popular in the 80s having a sequel in The game tries to connect between the 1st Movie and the 2nd Movie.

The run is colourful and you use all the things what made Tron popular with his fantasy world. This game has 3 different categories and is full of skips and things breaking the game. It is intersting how much time was cut out due some skip research. Status: Accept All Collectables Trauma Center is a fast paced surgery game controlled entirely with the wiimote's motion controls. As such, exceptional precision is required to properly control the game when going as fast as possible.

This goes double for the XS Rank category, which adds score requirements and the post-game to the run.

Jack Stalwart: The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur

It's easy to follow what is happening on screen, making it a great display of skill that goes beyond pushing buttons on a controller. The Hard category would be played as a race with Irisjoker. Status: Decline Hard Since the last showing at SGDQ , the run is now half as long and contains even more mind-boggling manipulation via the game's title screen which is entertaining to watch even if you have no idea what's going on.

Status: Decline All Dungeons Since the last showing in , Wind Waker has undergone massive changes as the infamous barrier skip has finally been figured out. Using complex memory fragmentation and heap massaging, it is possible to make the barrier not load at all. The fragmentation setup is risky, but the estimate accounts for this.

I'm willing to race with any others who submit Randomizer.

Status: Decline Randomizer Warp World has added the beauty of viewer interactivity with the Crowd Control extension, which lets the audience modify the game of the runner in real time on original hardware. Effect prices increase and decrease as they are used for marathon safety. These kinds of glitches can't be used to get everything though, so there's a balance between glitching items and normal item collecting.

Dinosaurs Racing GA1

This category uses some of the most extreme glitches in the game and has lots of really cool tricks and strats not seen in any other OoT category. This relay race will consist of 3 teams of top runners, organized to be as competitive as possible. Any of these 3 teams could win this race. Our submission includes knowledgeable commentary, and experienced backup runners on standby. Submitting as a backup runner for A Link to the Past. Status: Accept Zelda Relay Warp World.

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I will be playing Zelda II. I will be playing A Link to the Past. Submitting as a runner for Zelda 1. I will be playing Zelda 2. It has a few glitches that makes it stand out from remakes such as deloading which makes use of the fire rod to deload objects on the next screen or ICS to skip instrument cutscenes. There is also now a manipulation for the final boss instead of just relying on luck. I will be playing Zelda 1. Cadence of Hyrule is a randomized game, making for a quick run with emphasis on adaptability and quick planning.

Race preferred!

Story Mode is the standard category. Beat all dungeons and defeat Ganon! Story Mode Double Time runs the turns twice as fast for a heavier emphasis on quick reactions and execution! Single Character locks the player into one character Cadence, Link, or Zelda for the entire run - a good donation-war-driven alternative to Story Mode! Status: Decline Single Character Status: Accept Story Mode Accepted as a Story mode race between Goof and SpootyBiscuit with an incentive for Story mode double time. Super Mario Bros. Mario is able to blitz through World 1 and rush to World 8 to rescue the princess.

There are several unexpected routes that are executed beyond human skill, such as using a star to go through the spike room in 8-Fort and purposefully using Bowser's trap room to reach the final boss faster. Most importantly, Mario is able to pick up 99 lives in brilliant fashion along the way!

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Between the intricate movement and a heap of glitches in every stage, Aglar and AndrewG push a full 3 minutes ahead of the current world record. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game created by FromSoftware that breaks many Souls-game traditions, but it preserves the iconic difficulty. Possibly race with Distortion2. This is Gifvex's original TAS which started it all for the Game Boy and remains unbeaten after a year and a half of research. There have been many new additions to these routes over the past couple of years.

The No Wrong Warp category especially is a very challenging, technical, and exciting run to show off for a shorter category. The conceptual limits of this game continue to be broken as more and more incredibly talented people contribute to its optimization. Since Jak II's previous showcase at a GDQ, the run has gotten a bit faster, now featuring some tricks that were once thought too difficult to do in real time, namely the "lap skips" performed within each racing sequence.

Status: Decline All Missions Sekiro is the newest game by From Software, focused more on the combat and less on the RPG elements like the Souls games. Nevertheless it has plenty of skips like many of the souls series, and would be a great run to show off at an event.