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From more than years, London was becoming an increasingly unpleasant city to live in. And the soaring population was the main reason for this. Factories were springing up everywhere, filling their air with dirty smoke. Filthy and dangerous slums were hastily put up to house the poorest of the poor. And through it all ran the River Thames.

The sewers serving London were not up to the job.

Great Stink

For the most part, they were small, narrow brick tunnels over the old Fleet and Walbrook rivers. Shocking traffic, shocking pollution and a stench of pollution permeating the air. Were there two nights, smoggy the whole time and generally disappointed. Night market was okay but like all night markets, cheap knock offs.

KLCC was a nice shopping centre but that is what it was a shopping centre. Petronas Tower bridge is free which is great but is a let down.

These bars are run by organised crime figures and full of Myanmar prostitutes looking for work, very seedy. Aquarium is very good and one of the few positives. Hotel was good but should be was expensive. Large fast moving City divided by several highways which does not make for easy walking. Good public transport system. Clean city which I felt safe in.

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Geared mainly towards Western Expats than Tourists. If you like shopping - plenty of designer shopping malls one after the other. Seem to unfortunatley promote other cultures more than there own ie, plenty of western resturants and went to a fab Egyptian Bar but struggled to find some Malay Satay! Well, we had been to Langkawi and then onto KL for 3 nights OMG what a change. We stayed in ChinaTown - probably not the best thing to do, right in the heart of the markets. It was very busy and dirty.

Have You Ever Been to the Big Apple?

We had two small kids so not much to do at the hotel as such so you have to get out of the city. They are mad drivers, it was certainly an experience but dont think I would do it again. If you do get there you have to go to Sunway Lagoon - best day out ever!! I visited a friend for a week in KL. Taxis are cheap enough but they often won't take you if you are going out of the CBD and it won't be easy for them to get a return fare.

Our hotel had an employee specifically for agreeing on fares and then writing down the details and taking their registration number suggesting that the Taxi industry is fraught with rip offs. This is a strict muslim country and, as a western woman, I found many of the people male and female condescending, rude or blatantly ignored me when I was out on my own.

The scenario changed dramatically when I was out with my male friend. Normal service as opposed to high end service here is atrocious.

East Village residents trash city over smelly garbage trucks

From the shopping centre food court to travel agents, there is no attempt at enthusiasm or efficiency so be prepared to wait an inordinately long time for simple tasks like being served at KFC 20mins to getting an airfare price 45mins and I already had the flight times etc. Shopping in the local markets at Bukit Bintang was overwhelming when I was on my own.

I had one stall holder physically restrain me when I tried to leave his stall without buying anything. This story has been shared 42, times.

Gotham City

View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. City garbage trucks parked along East 10th street between 1st and 2nd Ave. More On: east village.

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