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Ignore and show page. Susan Powter. Larger Image. Description Table of Contents Author Biography Goodreads reviews Offers advice on exercise and diet for women who want to lose weight and explains the obesity epidemic as well as the consequences of being overweight and unfit. Susan Powter is back with her finest work yet! The Politics of Stupid is a revolutionary weight-loss program that shows people how they can reclaim their bodies and their brains. And also, where are the pound people who want to lose just 15 pounds in the first place?

But mainly, what it comes down to is this: Weight Watchers is designed to be successful only if you can stay on Weight Watchers forever. As the contestants experienced radical, sweeps-week weight loss, their metabolisms slowed, and stayed slow afterward. Foster shook his head at that one. It uses a very small sample under extreme conditions. Here is the thing about this particular debate at this particular moment: Everyone has much the same data, but there are plenty of people who would interpret the data differently from the way Foster does.

The answer becomes one of point of view: Is fat inherently bad, or can it be neutral? There is still too much debate. So in the meantime, a fat person has to consider the data she has access to — meaning studies, yes, but also her own experience and the experience of her fat peers — and ask: Do you believe that you, a fat person, can ever be meaningfully thinner for a meaningful amount of time? Back in , when he was at Temple, he published a study about the efficacy of different kinds of diets. They all led to similar losses, and they all led to similar rates of recidivism.

When I spoke with him back then, I asked him why we should continue dieting if the outcomes were so bad.

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I do not recommend being a fat person at Obesity Week. Over the years, the event has become a week long, and it contains a robust trade show. After Foster left me to go to a meeting, I walked the trade-show floor and saw all the products being shown to the obesity specialists in attendance.

I nodded in solemn agreement. Before he left me, I told Foster that Obesity Week made me sad.

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First, it was the profusion of educated people in the room studying me and my people as if we were problems to solve. But second, it was because if you have this many hundreds of smart and educated people trying to figure this out, and nobody has anything for me but superfood and behavior modification and an insertable balloon and the removal of an organ, it must be that there is no way to solve fatness. By the time Oprah announced that she was signing on with Weight Watchers, I was celebrating my 25th anniversary of my first diet, at age 15, which I found in an issue of Shape magazine.

I was 5-foot-3 and weighed pounds. In the intervening years, I did cleanses and had colonics and refilled the prescriptions on three rounds of those diet pills that made my teeth sweat and ate two shakes for lunch and just protein and just good carbs carbs are divided into good and bad, like witches in Oz and just liquid and just fruit until dinnertime and just food the size of my fist and two glasses of lukewarm lemon water. There are three other people named Taffy Akner. When I arrived at the Union, N.

Thanksgiving is marketed as a fun, festive holiday of family gathering, but everyone at that meeting knew the truth: Thanksgiving is an existential threat. Thanksgiving is a killer. There had been family deaths and illness. The people, mostly women, in the folding chairs had one rule, though: No matter what happened during the week, you showed up. A few months before, she buried her mother on a Friday; on Saturday she came to the meeting. Dayna, the group leader, stood at the head of the room.

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How could you not love Dayna? She took such care with her appearance — she wore tall boots and wrap dresses and makeup, even on Saturday mornings when everyone else wore sweatpants at best or leggings; leggings weigh less. She gave them star-shaped stickers off a large roll when they lost weight or when they had acted in their best interests over the week. Today, Donna had gained weight.

She had been holding steady at six pounds short of her goal. Since — — she had shown up every week and by now had lost pounds, which is an entire other Donna. But these last six pounds, my God, what would it take? Sometimes being six pounds away from her goal was harder than being pounds. She asked me how I did. I shrugged and told her I had lost three pounds. They furrowed their brows and shook their heads and gave me funny looks. What was I talking about? How could a fat person not want to be thin? Her back had hurt until about 20 pounds ago, and now she could crawl on the floor with her grandson as if it were nothing.

Each time I came to a meeting, I was seduced by the possibility, by the clean, Calvinist logic, that if you ate less you would weigh less, that your body would feed on itself and its fat reserves until you became smaller and smaller and more pleasing to the world and its standards — until you practically disappeared we are a culture that fetishizes something called Size 0. I looked forward to these meetings, feeling as if these people were the only ones who seemed to truly understand my predicament.

By the time I got to my car, I had no idea what to do. Just eat less, right? About two years ago, I decided to yield to what every statistic I knew was telling me and stop trying to lose weight at all. I went to a nutritional therapist to help figure this out dieting, I have found, is its own chronic condition , and I paid her every week so I could tell her that there still had to be a way for me to lose weight. I had arthritis in my knees, I said. Morality and society aside, they hurt. I went to an intuitive-eating class — intuitive eating is where you learn to feed yourself based only on internal signals and not external ones like mealtimes or diet plans.

There were six of us in there, educated, desperate fat women, doing mindful-eating exercises and discussing their pitfalls and challenges. We were given food. We would smell the food, put the food on our lips, think about the food, taste the food, roll the food around in our mouths, swallow the food.

The Politics of Stupid: The Cure for Obesity

Are you still hungry? Are you sure? The first week it was a raisin. It progressed to cheese and crackers, then to cake, then to Easter candy. We sat there silently, as if we were aliens who had just arrived on Earth and were learning what this thing called food was and why and how you would eat it.

Each time we did the eating exercise, I would cry. But it was the same answer every time: I am 41, I would say.

The Cure for Obesity

I am 41 and accomplished and a beloved wife and a good mother and a hard worker and a contributor to society and I am learning how to eat a goddamned raisin. How did this all go so wrong for me? They tried to soothe me. They told me that hatred of fat was a societal construct, but I never understood why that should comfort me. I live in society. Another doctor prescribed three months of physical therapy, and now my ankle is fine. I was told by a seamstress that she had never seen a bride not lose weight for her wedding until she met me. By the way, I am writing this despite the myriad degradations that I know will appear in my inbox and in the comments section when it is published.

Back in Union, Dayna stood at the front of the room.

In treating obese patients, too often doctors can’t see past weight

Donna makes an Easter pie with more kinds of pork than there are pigs roaming the Earth. Really, the group members were worried that despite their weight loss, they would forget that they were really fat people on the inside. And all those around her heaved heavy sighs. When Oprah called me, she was on the same mountain in Hawaii where she sprained her ankle two years ago. After a monthslong search, Weight Watchers had hired a new C.

She is tan and very blond, with pink lipstick; she looks like the second coming of Jean Nidetch.

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Weight Watchers had found its business leader. She was joining the company after its fourth consecutive quarter of revenue growth because it had finally found its spiritual one. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Susan Powter is back with her finest work yet! The Politics of Stupid is a revolutionary weight-loss program that shows people how they can reclaim their bodies and their brains.

From food manufacturers to huge government lobbies to the fitness and diet industries, Powter illuminates why obesity is epidemic, and why millions of people are suffering the unnecessary consequences of being overfat and unfit. Susan Powter's Lifestyle X-change program -- a revolutionary, interactive Web-supported program that tells the simple truth about weight loss and is refreshingly Susan Powter. How to motivate yourself to perform thirty minutes of regular cardio and strength training six days a week and achieve maximum results!

With outrageous, uproarious humor that is Susan's trademark style, The Politics of Stupid is ultimately Susan's real-life, commonsense approach to weight loss. Readers will find she is "Stopping the Insanity" better than ever! Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.