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Surveillance cameras captured the episode, and the police arrested a suspect in a nearby park hours later. The attack occurred the same week that a burned body was found at a homeless encampment in nearby Van Nuys, and after a series of fire-related attacks on homeless people in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times reported.

On Aug. The next night, a beloved musician was killed when someone set fire to his tent in downtown Los Angeles. Shayla Myers, a senior attorney at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles who works on homelessness and housing, said the attacks had sowed fear among her clients. Myers said.

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She said that policies that criminalize homelessness make it more difficult for people without housing to reach out to law enforcement in times of danger. Analysts blame the ratio on a lack of affordable housing and strict building regulations.

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During a fund-raising trip to California this month, President Trump fulminated about the crisis, and the administration has called for easing regulations on builders and increasing law enforcement to address the problem. The Washington Post reported this month that administration officials had discussed razing tent camps in Los Angeles and moving homeless people into government-backed facilities.

The most recent count of homeless people in Los Angeles County, released in June, found that homelessness was up by 12 percent over the last year. The total was nearly 59, people, about 44, of whom were unsheltered.

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